Electrical Spinal Stimulation

What Is Electrical Spinal Stimulation?

Are you living with chronic back and neck pain? Having trouble getting your pain under control? Do you hate the idea of being reliant on medications, which only mask pain and don’t actually treat the source? If so, then Dr. Stephen Boyajian and Dr. Kenneth Rogers at Advanced Pain Consultants in Voorhees, NJ, offers many ways to get your chronic or persistent pain under control. One way is through a non-invasive treatment, known as electrical spinal stimulation.

What is electrical spinal stimulation?

During this treatment, mild electrical currents are directed into the nerves along the spinal column to block pain signals from reaching the brain. This treatment is most often used to treat pain that occurs in the back, trunk, arms, and legs. Sometimes referred to as neurostimulation, these electrical pulses alter signals sent from the nerves to the brain to reduce pain.

Electrical spinal stimulation does not get rid of the pain, but it works by changing the way to brain interprets the pain signals it’s receiving. This treatment can reduce pain up to 70 percent, making it significantly easier to perform simple everyday tasks without pain and discomfort.

Who can benefit from electrical stimulation?

In order to determine whether or not electrical spinal stimulation is right for you, you’ll need to come into our Voorhees, NJ, office so that Dr. Boyajian and Dr. Rogers can perform a thorough evaluation and screening. We will go through your medical history, perform a physical examination, and determine the cause of your chronic pain. If you are dealing with chronic musculoskeletal pain, then this treatment may be right for you.

Electrical spinal stimulation can improve,

Lower back pain
Neck pain
Complex regional pain syndrome
Peripheral neuropathy
Peripheral vascular disease
Failed back surgery syndrome
Spinal cord injuries
Multiple sclerosis
If other treatment options haven’t gotten your pain under control, then electrical stimulation may be the best option. Many people turn to this treatment when conservative and conventional treatments have failed to work. Some people choose to get electrical stimulation to delay or even prevent the need for surgery when all other methods of pain management haven’t been successful.

If you are interested in learning more about electrical spinal stimulation to treat your chronic pain, then call Dr. Boyajian and Dr. Rogers at Advanced Pain Consultants in Voorhees, NJ, at (856) 489-9822 today!

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