Advanced Pain Management

What is Advanced Pain Management?

Millions of Americans are dealing with some form of chronic pain. In fact, it’s the leading cause of long-term disability in the US. Anyone can experience pain, whether you’ve been diagnosed with a chronic condition or you incurred a sports-related injury. Of course, when you are having trouble getting your pain under control then it’s time to turn to the experts at Advanced Pain Management in Voorhees, NJ. Dr. Stephen Boyajian and Dr. Kenneth Rogers offer a combined 60 years of experience in pain management, helping patients of all ages.

First thing’s first. We need to determine what’s causing your pain. This involves getting detailed information about your medical history and the symptoms you are experiencing. Your Voorhees, NJ, doctors may also conduct imaging tests and personalized, minimally invasive diagnostic procedures to determine where the pain is coming from and what’s causing it. From there, we can make an accurate diagnosis and begin creating a treatment plan that will finally help you manage your pain for the long term.

When possible, the goal is to be able to cure the condition that is causing your symptoms. Of course, when this isn’t possible, Dr. Boyajian and Dr. Rogers will create a treatment plan that will help you take control over your symptoms so they don’t control you. By

Advanced Pain Management offers a range of nonsurgical treatment options that can help you treat persistent and stubborn pain. Many people can benefit from our advanced pain therapies. You may want to consider how we can help you if you are dealing with,

Spinal stenosis
Spinal or nerve decompression
Peripheral neuropathy
Back or neck pain
Leg and arm pain
Failed back surgery syndrome
Complex regional pain syndrome
Chronic radiculopathy
Vertebral compression fractures
Spinal injuries
Herniated disc
Multiple sclerosis
Muscular dystrophy
Shoulder injuries (e.g. rotator cuff tear; impingement)

If you are having trouble getting your chronic or severe pain under control then it’s time to schedule a consultation with Advanced Pain Consultants in Voorhees, NJ, to find out how Dr. Boyajian and Dr. Rogers can help. Call (856) 489-9822 today!

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